Everyday Basics Tutorial

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       I’ve been getting so many requests to do makeup tutorials, but where to start? After much thought, I’ve decided to do a tutorial on the makeup that I first learned when I was about 13 years old. This is the most basic of looks that looks good on everyone and can be darkened or lightened to suit individual skin tones or preferences. It’s also especially good for women who aren’t especially brave with colors and techniques. Here on Kayci, I’ve used a basic buckskin brown shadow and black liner, but if you have green eyes, try this with plum tones, or if you have brown eyes, switch the black liner for a navy blue and see what happens!

     Start with clean, moisturized skin. We started out exfoliating Kayci’s skin lightly with a little white sugar added to a moisturizing facial cleanser, then layered two serums and a moisturizer on her face to really keep her skin healthy.

1 Moisture and prime

       Apply your foundation and concealer. For a dewy finish go with liquid or mousse foundation. For oily skin use powder formulas and stay away from shimmery finishes. Use concealer underneath your eyes and on any areas of redness or blemishes. Set everything with a touch of powder on a fluffy brush.

2 White shadow

       Define the crease with a light buckskin brown shadow. Drag some of the color from the end of the crease to the outer corner of the eye and blend everything with a fluffy brush.

3 Brown in crease

       Use the same brown shadow to add some definition along the bottom lash line. Keep the color close to the lashes if you tend to get darkness under your eyes naturally.

4 Brown underneath

       Line the top lash line with black liner, whether it be pencil, liquid, shadow, or cream. On Kayci, we used a long-lasting cream. Smudge the line well to soften it, and add some more liner close to the lashes if there are any gaps. Here on Kayci, we lined from corner to corner, smudged it before it dried, then dotted more of the liner right next to and in between her lashes to get a really dark line.

5 Black liner

       Define your brows by lightly filling them in. On Kayci we used a medium, milk chocolate brown on a stiff angled brush to fill in sparse areas and add some length to the ends. Use an off-white or cream shadow to highlight underneath the brows and at the inner corner of the eyes. Finish the eyes with two coats of mascara on the top lashes and one coat on the bottom, making sure to brush through the lashes after each coat with a clean spool brush.

6 Eyebrows and mascara

       Use a little cream or powder blush on the apples of the cheeks. On Kayci we used a cream blush in a peachy pink shade, but any shade will work on any skin tone, as long as it is used lightly, blended well, and built up to reach the right intensity.

       Simply dap a touch of tinted gloss or balm onto the lips and then admire your new everyday look in the mirror.

7 Blush and lipglos

8 Final look

If you want to transfer this look from day to night, or if you’re just feeling a little more saucy than normal today, you can smoke up this look a little more by taking either the same shade you filled your brows in with (that chocolate brown, if that’s the shade you needed) or any darker brown shade, and using a fluffy shadow brush to blend the color from lash to crease. Voila! Simple smoky, red carpet eyes.

Smoke it up


One thought on “Everyday Basics Tutorial

  1. Beautiful job! I love the colors and even the lighting! I have a hard time with lighting here in WA during winter time, but I’m inspired now to try taking shots outside. Thanks for sharing your work!
    If you have a chance, please check my blog out 🙂 Thanks!

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