Book Covers

I get to work with photographer Megan Squires in Folsom every once in a while and have so much fun every time. Megan is not only a very accomplished photographer, but also a published author of young adult and new adult literature. On top of doing all the work of writing and publishing a novel, she shoots the covers and promotes them with the gorgeous results of these shoots.

Speaking of gorgeous, check out these models! That’s right, folks. I got to do men’s makeup. I rarely get to do it and I looove it. No, not (only) because I get put my hands all over attractive men (*oh, let me just blend this a little more… still not blended enough… shoot*). I think that a lot of photographers, at least the ones that I’ve worked with the most, undervalue the benefit of some light correction makeup on dudes. Trust me, a little concealer and bronzer can take you from looking tired to looking like a model – true for both sexes.


This set is from Megan’s novel Demanding Ransom, now available on Amazon!7806_10151479994353220_1014827035_n





And this is a little teaser from A Thousand Words, available early 2014!1098139_10151647870228220_875854079_n


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