Year update

Ah! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I updated my blog. It’s been a busy year, guys. I’ve moved to Virginia to finish the English degree that I started in California, and I’m loving the fall season here. So many colors! It’s a photographer’s dream. I’ll be home to Sacramento for Christmas for almost a month. And who knows? Maybe I’ll be able to come back for a little bit in the summer, but I’m working hard to finish this degree in a timely manner, so I’m busting through classes and taking on heavy loads, which is why I won’t be blogging a ton.

I’ll be working on keeping you up to date on new techniques and products I try on a college girl’s budget on my Instagram account. Follow me @maddybirdmakeup!

One last thing: sorry to lump all these pictures together, but in the stress of moving my whole life literally across the country, I wasn’t the best at recording client names or dates. As that information becomes clearer, I will update it here.

Here ya go!

My baby cousin Sara graduated early and started college while the rest of her high school was enjoying Christmas break. Atta girl!


I collaborated with a team (who I will get links to, because you need to hire them ASAP) for this shoot. Check out those flowers!




Worked with Morgan Werner Photography to create some beautiful senior pictures for some beautiful girls…


1898867_10152134133512701_1233462391_o 1795254_10152133979822701_260417052_o 10256584_10152160182292701_6921510383393169157_o







Goofed around…


Helped these girls get ready for prom and homecoming…



IMG_20140426_154316861_HDR IMG_20140426_154313273_HDR

IMG_20140426_144000093_HDR IMG_20140426_143952074_HDR

Helped Kayden and Jessica with their wedding days and was ecstatic to do so…


IMG_20140201_110259062 IMG_20140201_110241566

I love makeup. 🙂


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