About Maddy

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When I was twelve, I was allowed to wear makeup. It consisted of glitter on my eyes and clear lip gloss in multiple flavors. My needs were simple: look good, and make people notice that I looked good. Behind my mousy hair and large glasses was a girl who craved the knowledge of how to feel better about how I looked. For the next six years I devoured every bit of knowledge I could about makeup, skin care, and hair care, just as most teenage girls do, but for me it was different. It was art.

I like lovely.

I like clean.

I like touchable.

I like femininity.

I look at makeup as more than a mask that we wear to hide flaws. I see it as a way to emphasize what’s beautiful and downplay what needs work, so that the personality can easily come through.

I attended Bon Losee Academy in Provo, Utah and graduated at the top of my class in esthetics and makeup artistry. Maddybird Makeup was established in Sacramento, California in 2008 and continues to grow and expand with each new client I befriend. I work with some of the most amazing photographers in the Sacramento area that are able to perfectly capture the approachable and touchable feel that I strive towards.

I believe that all women are beautiful, sometimes they just need help to see it themselves.


So why “Maddybird”?

Maddybird is one of the nicknames my dad used for me. He always made me feel pretty when he called me that.

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