Prep for your Application

Want to get the best results from your makeup application? Follow these simple steps and you can get the perfect look for your pictures or big day.

  • Exfoliate the night before to get a really smooth and supple canvas.
  • Come with a clean, moisturized face. Make sure all traces of liner and mascara are gone. We can work over old makeup, but we really prefer a clean palette.
  • Make sure to brush your teeth before your application so your lip gloss stays in place.
  • Bring your touch-up lip gloss so that the makeup artist can use it in her initial application.
  • Bring pictures with you. The more you have, the better an idea we will have about what you’re describing.
  • Be realistic in your expectations. We can do your makeup like Scarlett Johannson’s, but that won’t make you look like her. Sorry.
  • Allow artistry. Trust us. We’re there to make you look beautiful.
  • Makeup artists sometimes see the pictures of you at your event or shoot afterwards. We can always tell when you’ve altered or changed your makeup. Don’t be afraid to tell us if you want something different. If you don’t tell us and end up “fixing” it on your own, why pay for a professional anyway?

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